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Advantages of the project

1) Your costs in this project will not exceed 400 Руб, who will return to you after the first participant who signs up under you!  
3) The system will find you referrals! In the system there is an even distribution of participants. New party, who came not to ref. link registrant becomes refferalom party, which has the least number of referrals.  
2) Instant registration of the project. Registration takes a couple minutes and immediately after you register, you start earning.  
4) Full statistics of your levels and sales. Each participant will be given the statistics of its curators, referrals, and their E-mail.  
5) Instant notification by E-mail, the new referrals, ordering and order confirmation level.  
6) All calculations are performed directly between the parties, any fee or commission! Due to what is completely eliminated cheating by the administration of the project.  
7) Complete freedom of action! Once you have purchased one of the levels and your supervisor to confirm it, you can immediately make an order to the next level, without waiting for an admissible set of referrals at this level.  
8) Is allowed to re-register, but not by yourself! Such accounts are deleted!  
9) The only current restriction is you have to draw 3 refferalov on the first level. That ensures a uniform filling of all levels of your pyramid.  

Level Price Referrals Earnings
1. 400 Руб 3 - User. 1200 Руб
2. 800 Руб 9 - User. 7200 Руб
3. 3600 Руб 27 - User. 97200 Руб
4. 8000 Руб 81 - User. 648000 Руб
5. 1 Руб 243 - User. 243 Руб
6. 1 Руб 729 - User. 729 Руб
7. 1 Руб 2187 - User. 2187 Руб
8. 1 Руб 6561 - User. 6561 Руб
9. 1 Руб 19683 - User. 19683 Руб
10. 1 Руб 59049 - User. 59049 Руб
Total your Earnings: 842052 Руб  

This is just a model calculation of your earnings, but if you do nothing, and when you expect everything will fall from the sky.
Do not even think to register, do not waste your time and other's time.
However, if you decide to register remember: «The most important thing is advertising with a detailed description, the more you advertise the more you profit.»



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